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Your Beauty Regime Starts Now -

A Comprehensive Approach to Your Skin Care Routine


As we hit the middle of winter, your skin is probably starting to really feel the effects. So what better time than now to start back on the healing path by setting up a rock solid skin care routine? Here are three steps you’ll need to get your skin care routine back on track.




The first stage in any Skin Care Routine is Detox. The Skin Detox is a method for getting your skin back to grade-A freshness in no time by removing all the impurities which give it problems. Detoxing has been a trend in recent years, and the results beauty bloggers have been seeing show why.

In order to complete a Skin Detox properly, there are five main steps to complete.


These are:

1. Treat yourself to a proper Facial.

2. Cleanse twice every day.

3. Steam your skin with hot water and towel.

4. Make sure to use Facemasks every other day.

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. That means lots of moisturiser and water.


Follow these five steps and you will find your skin feeling a lot better than you ever thought it could. Of course, listen to your skin whilst you're doing this. If it starts to feel like you Skin Care Routine is getting to be too much, give your skin a break.

To ensure you detox the right way, why not try one of West One MYB’s Environ Facials – perfect for purifying your skin and getting your detox started. We’ll also give you tips on how to complete your detox at home.




After You’ve finished detoxing, you still have work to do. Beautiful skin needs attention. Luckily, by this point you should already have achieved the results you want and maintenance isn’t as much work.

Continue to follow the steps outlined above, but you don’t need to do so as often. Whilst the skin care routine above should last for about 2 weeks, after this point you can settle down a little. Just make sure to keep your skin maintained with occasional facials.


At West One MYB, our Purifying Treatment Environ Facial is perfect for removing any impurities from your skin, exfoliating, and hydrating. Remember, skin maintenance isn’t always the same year-round.


Advanced Nutrition Programme, Environ and Jane Iredale


Conventional skin care routines tend to take some of the vital vitamins and minerals away, only to replace them with something new. The Advanced Nutrition Programme is a way to treat any concerns you may have about your skin without taking anything away. It’s a way to make sure that your skin feels great and is as healthy as it can be: the natural way.


Here at West One MYB, we offer some of the best options for fortifying your skin with only the best vitamins and minerals. Environ believes that this means boosting the Vitamin A in your skin – what they believe is the lifeline for skin beauty and health. By making sure to fortify your skin before you do anything else, you make sure to give it the best head start for achieving results to your skin care routine.


Then, to make sure that your skin is fortified with the right minerals and vitamins, finish your skin care routine with Jane Iredale’s mineral make-up. Ensuring that your skin will stay fresh from one day to the next.


The Secret to a Great Skin Care Routine


The secret to great skin is to look after it. That means making sure that you keep up your skin care routine every day.


For those looking for something a little more sophisticated in their skin care regime, Environ and Jane Iredale give the needed boost; a simple thing which can make a big difference.



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