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Hair Removal – Waxing

We take pride in being one of Marylebone’s best waxing salons and our well trained therapists each have years of professional hair removal experience. Beside our waxing capabilities we use only use the best and most advanced hot wax products, and use warm wax specifically designed for delicate skin, ensuring that you always leave with healthy, silky smooth skin, no matter what your skin condition. The hot wax is applied over prepared skin, shrink wrapping your hair and pulling off from the root, giving a very clean and smooth result. Ideal for shorter and more stubborn hair growth. Please note that this wax takes longer to apply. We use gentle creme wax and aftercare products for quick and effective strip wax hair removal.

Pre-treatment Advice

  • Avoid shaving the area for three weeks before your appointment
  • Best results are achieved when the hair in the area is at least 0.5cm long
  • Avoid sun exposure at least two days before your appointment
  • Perform a light exfoliation on the area using an antibacterial cleansing gel and exfoliation mitt prior to the wax for maximum results

Post-treatment Advice

  • Exfoliate with an exfoliating mitt will help to prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliate 3 days after the wax and then every 2 days thereafter.
  • Apply a powerful after-wax lotion to the area immediately after waxing to eliminate potential infection, irritation and the chance of ingrown hairs.
  • Avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours after your wax to minimise irritation. Shower immediately after exercise and use an antibacterial cleansing gel to clear your follicles of perspiration which can carry bacteria.
  • Wear pure cotton or no underwear at night to allow the area to breathe. The optimum time between waxing appointments is 4 weeks. This allows the hair to grow to the correct length, but prevents the hair from becoming too embedded in the follicle thus reducing discomfort and optimising results. Avoid shaving between waxing appointments as this distorts the hair growth cycle.

Types of Bikini Waxing

  • Bikini: A general tidy into a neat upside-down triangle shape to the edge of the panty line. This is a very basic tidy up of the bikini line but enough to make sure you are bikini ready! Disposable underwear is provided for this treatment. For clients trying this level of waxing for the first time allow up to 12 hours for any redness to subside and the region should be out of sunlight for 24hours.
  • G String: Takes the sides of the bikini line in deeper than a regular bikini wax leaving a more defined, narrower triangle. This is also a great option if you are a bikini wax virgin and disposable underwear will be provided.
  • Brazilian: Takes away all the hair off the bikini line leaving a small strip (landing strip), or a triangle shape if you prefer, on the front. Hair is removed from the front all the way round to the bottom area. You are required to remove your underwear for this treatment.
  • Hollywood: Absolutely everything is removed from front right to the bottom area. You are required to remove your underwear for this treatment.

Remember, you’re in control of your treatment. Double check with your therapist to make sure you both understand how you want your bikini wax to look. Tell the therapist your preferences of where and how much hair you want removed or left. They can adjust the style to make it your own. Whether this is your first bikini wax or your are a regular, our experienced team have seen it all before and will put you at ease. We know this is an intimate area so if you have a preferred therapist please make sure to mention your choice when you book with us.

Hair Removal – Waxing
Full Arms
High Bikini
Lip or Chin*
Full Leg
Eyebrow Shape*
Three Quarter Leg
Lower Half Leg
Upper Half Leg
Waxing Packages
Full leg + Bikini
Half leg + Brazilian
Full leg + G-string
Half leg + Hollywood
Full leg + Brazilian
Thigh + Bikini
Full leg + Hollywood
Thigh + G-string
Half leg + Bikini
Thigh + Brazilian
Half leg + G-string
Thigh + Hollywood
Face* (Eyebrows, Lip and Chin)
Full Body (Arms, legs, std bikini, underarms)
Waxing Package Add-ons
Lip or chin*
Half arms
Underarms & brows
Full arms
High bikini add-on
* Waxing or threading available

To book a treatment please call us on 020 7486 1415,
send an email to info@westonemyb.co.uk
or click below to book through our West One MYB scheduler.
Please note, appointments ending up to one hour after advertised closing times are available on request Sunday to Friday.


Please provide at least 24 hours notice of cancellation to avoid a charge of your full treatment cost or redemption of your gift certificate. All appointments 1 hour and over require credit card details upon booking.