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Secret to a healthy and silky smooth skin

Posted on May 14, 2019 || Tags: ,

There is nothing that can match the feeling you get when you glide your fingers over your face and feel that smooth and milky skin. To achieve it your skin needs to be in good health but to make it healthy, especially if you have problems with acne, dryness and ageing, Environ facials might just be the open secret to the result you are longing for.

Environ is a globally recognised professional skin care brand used both to prevent and to treat sun damage, problematic skin, pigmentation and scarring. Suitable for all skin types and genders it is acclaimed by international skin care therapists, dermatologists, beauty editors, top film stars and supermodels alike.

So why is it so effective? Environ is based on Vitamin A, which has been proven in extensive medical trials to have a corrective effect on the skin whilst protecting it from damaging ageing effects. We already explored what miracles Vitamin A does to your skin in one of our previous articles here.

There are various Environ treatments that have different purposes for your skin, so below we look at the four main facial treatments that will help you normalise skin activity, promote the production of collagen, elastin and improve skin’s natural moisture that will lead to healthy, younger looking skin.

That is what we all want, don’t we?

Create a more youthful appearance with Collagen Power Facial

One of our most popular treatments is Collagen Power Facial. The treatment uses gentle sound waves to drive a special nutrient packed serum deep into the lower layers of the skin. This serum is packed with peptides to stimulate and help boost collagen, soften lines and tighten skin making your appearance fresh and youthful. This facial is ideal for targeting mature or photo-damaged complexions making your skin look fresh and smooth.

Improve overall health and look of your skin with Active Vitamin Treatment

Packed with nourishing, anti-ageing ingredients, this treatment will leave your skin looking soft and radiant. This treatment uses the most advanced forms of vitamin A, C and anti-oxidants that are driven deep into the lower layers of the skin, stimulating collagen to soften lines and improve elasticity, increase hydration and boost radiance. The Active Vitamin Treatment is particularly effective at addressing sun-damage, pigmentation, premature ageing, dryness, uneven skin tone and scarring with measurable differences after just one session.

Antidote to dryness – Hydraboost Treatment

The perfect antidote to dry, lackluster skin, the Hydraboost Treatment is an intensive treatment which deeply hydrates while plumping and firming your skin. The treatment features application of hyaluronic acid, which holds 1000 times its own weight in water. This helps to reduce fine lines caused by dehydration and increases the plumpness of the lower levels of the skin, resulting in a moisturised, glowing complexion. Natural hyaluronic acid levels, and the ability to hold on to water in our cells, decline as we age, so boosting levels helps restore the pure normality that your face deserves.

Treat acne with Skin Purifying Treatment

Created to purify, micro exfoliate and rehydrate your skin – this facial assists with the treatment of acne. Using Lactic Acid, this Environ skin treatment was created to mildly exfoliate, lightly sterilise, purify and re-hydrate your skin. Designed to tackle problems such as acne, deeply congested, thickened, scarred skin, Environ uses a great combination of nutrients that instantly revive and refresh your skin while rebuilding and leaving your skin feeling like new over time.

For all these treatments our therapists use Environ’s advanced Ionzyme machine technology, which applies electrical pulses and a special low frequency sound wave to increase penetration of active ingredients.

These active ingredients plus the advanced Environ’s technology is what makes Environ treatments work so well making your skin smooth like milk and healthy to the very deepest of layers.

At West One MYB we offer all four Environ treatments! Click here to read more and book.