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How to Relax and Heal After a Stressful Day


It’s deadline season and the pressure is on. So what better way to relax and unwind than indulging in a beauty treatment (or two). Not only will it make you feel revitalized, it will also help to heal anything which has come up from all that stress which has built up.


Here are 4 top beauty treatments we recommend this winter, for making sure that you’re relaxed and destressed after those long, winter days.


Deep Tissue Massage


We know you’re in a rush, but it’s important to make sure that your body is in tip-top condition. Don’t let your health fall to the wayside. Just 25 minutes spent with a Deep Tissue Massage can make all the difference. A mix of decadent blended oils helps to calm the mind and increase mobility. All those aches and pains will be worked out in a seeming instant, leaving you to relax and unwind.

If you want more, then there are longer Deep Tissue Massages available, but the 25 minute one is quick and does everything you need it to do.


Quick Fix Microdermabrasion


Looking for that perfect facial beauty lift this winter? Try the Quick Fix Microdermabrasion. Clean out your pores, remove acne buildup, and even out your skin texture. It’s perfect for anyone who is suffering from tired looking skin which has fallen prey to the winter wind. Moreover, at just 30 minutes for a quick fix, you’ll be able to see your skin glowing in no time.


If you’re looking for something a little more intense, try the 45-minute Diamond Microdermabrasion. It makes sure to go that extra little bit deeper to clear away everything you don’t want and leave you looking fabulous.


Express Pedicure


We use our feet all the time. More than we usually even realise. Yet when it comes time to relax and unwind, we too often forget about them. That’s why it’s important to make sure that they’re left feeling in excellent shape. There’s nothing like a good, high-quality pedicure to make that a reality, which is why you should try the Express Pedicure. At just 40 minutes, you’ll walk out with a spring in your step unlike any other.


The express pedicure is one of our most popular beauty treatments, and will see your toenails filed back, polished and lotion applied. If quickly getting your feet ready for that Christmas party is what you want, that is what you’ll get. Luxury and Convenience.


The Winter Warmer


Why not settle in with a Winter Warmer treatment; one of the best ways to keep yourself toasty this November. With a 30-minute facial, and a 30-minute massage, you’ll leave feeling invigorated and confident.


With the facial, you’ll be able to see the difference straight away. Gone will be those stress lines and dry spots, instead replaced by healthy, natural feeling skin. With the Massage, every area you feel that stress build up in can be addressed and sorted out.


Look After Yourself This November


Make sure to look after yourself this November. It’s such an easy time of year to get bogged down in all the tricky things and miss out on what’s important. Beauty treatments are so important for this time of year, not just because they help to make you look great and feel that confidence you need, but also because they help to make your body healthy. You deserve it!


Also, keep your calendars free on the 16th of this month, where we’re going to be having an advanced skin analysis drop in. Using computer technology, we’ll be able to look deep into your skin to find any problems which might be hiding. Our specialists will then be offering bespoke recommendations just for you. We’ll also be providing practical mini makeovers with Jane Iredale mineral skincare make up. See you there!


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