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Get tan the fast and healthy way!

Posted on July 11, 2019 || Tags:

How wonderful it would be to wake up one morning with your brows prepared and all ready to go! With henna you can do precisely that. It temporarily tints your eyebrows in an all-natural way so you can avoid using any pencils for a while. And let’s be fair, you can’t get around it anymore – henna brows are hot! They are making a bold statement about you everywhere you go, bring out confidence and emphasise your beautiful looks.

A little bit of colour to our skin makes us all feel better, but with the number of skin cancers increasing along with UV exposure and other risks associated with the sun, how can we achieve that golden shade we’re looking for while keeping our health in check? The answer is… you guessed it – spray tan!

Spray tanning, or sunless tanning, is one of the most efficient ways to get that bronze glow you want without the harmful effects of UV exposure and tanning beds. And besides being dangerous to your health and aging your skin prematurely, who has the time to sit and bake in the sun, especially in London?

Here are five great advantages of getting tan the fast and healthy way!

Instant results

In just 30 minutes or less you’ll have a natural, sun-kissed tanned skin. It doesn’t get any faster and easier than that, right? Last minute invitation to a cool party? You can just wear your white dress without any worries.

Pop in a salon, select your colour shade preference and let the professional therapist take care of the rest. Done. No time? No problem. You will have the perfect tan done on the spot.

What’s more, at West One MYB we use Aromaguard™ fragrance technology which eliminates the tell-tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70%, which means you are ready for a fabulous time out as soon as you step outside the salon.

Camouflage small scars

Even the lightest layer of spray tan will camouflage small scars or unsightly marks on the skin from pimples and scars to blackheads and eczema. Not only that, do you have stretch marks? In most cases spray tan will get them covered too making you feel fully confident when you go to that busy beach this summer.

Not only small scars get covered, but darker skin helps with concealing skin imperfections and naturally gives a slimming effect that makes your body look more toned making heads turn, while you’re wearing your light summer outfit.

Avoid harmful UV rays

Based on a study by American Academy of Dermatology, spray tanning is the healthiest and safest way to get a tan. Prolonged UV exposure in the sun or sun beds can result in dire consequences for your skin and body. Skin cancer can’t be fun! One of the top reasons spray tan is so popular is you can achieve that enviable bronze skin look without putting your health at risk.

Be good to your skin

With a spray tan not only will you be avoiding damaging rays from the sun but you will also avoid premature ageing. Repeated sun exposure results in leathery, dry, freckled, and wrinkly skin – not to mention loss of elasticity too!

While ageing is an inevitable part of life, why submit to it sooner than you have to? For those of us who want to look young as long as possible, spray tan is an excellent way to avoid skin ageing while keeping your skin look fabulous.

At West One MYB we we offer professionally applied St Tropez Spray Tan in two colours (Bronze and Dark Mist) and also an Express option to suit your diary.

Don’t wait for the autumn to come, book it today!