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Eyelash Extensions Vs. A Lash Lift


For those of you who love your lashes, you know the difference that lashes treatments can make. They help to add tone, depth, and make them look longer and fuller. No wonder it’s one of our most popular treatments, especially when they say that eyes are “the most important facial feature in a potential partner”.


Yet what type of treatment is best? Which one will make your eyes sparkle and stand out from the crowd? Well primarily, you’ve got two options: Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts. We’re here to help you figure out which one is best for you.


So, What’s the Difference?


Whilst both lash treatments aim to make your lashes longer and lovelier, they work differently. Eyelash Extensions, for example, work by adding extensions to your lashes to make them physically longer.

A Lash Lift, on the other hand, is where your lashes are naturally curled to make them appear longer and fuller. Because it’s your natural eyelashes which are being used, Lash Lifts can look a lot more natural, whilst Eyelash Extensions have a more ‘dramatic’ effect. It really depends on what you prefer.


Lash Lifts: The Benefits


We’ve already said above that one of the biggest benefits of Lash Lifts is that they just look more natural. It’s true. A good Lash Lift looks much more natural than Eyelash Extensions. Lash Lifts are also great for helping to sort out any problems with longer, untamed lashes. If your lashes seem to crisscross all the time, or are very twisty, a good Lash Lift can help to make them straighter and more manageable.


Lash Lifts are also free of maintenance (apart from going back to have them lifted after your current eyelashes fall out), and because you’re using your natural lashes, they’re also free of irritation.


Lash Lifts: The Drawbacks


The biggest drawbacks with Lash Lifts is that some people’s eyelashes can’t be lifted due to being too short. You’re really limited by what your natural eyelashes are capable of. If they’re too short, then no amount of curling is going to help achieve an effect you want. Check with one of our trained professionals and they’ll let you know if a Lash Lift is the right option for you.


Eyelash Extensions: The Benefits


Eyelash Extensions have gotten a bit of a bad rep since Lash Lifts came in. A lot of people have accused them of looking fake and less natural. Sure, a badly done Eyelash Extension treatment will look horrible, but one done by an expert will look great. Think of Eyelash Extensions as the more complicated option, yet if you get it right, they may just pay off more.


Lash Extensions are great for those looking to give their eyes a dramatic look. They can also make mornings a lot easier by giving you a mascara look without you even having to get out of bed. That also means you’ll look great without any makeup.


Eyelash Extensions: The Drawbacks


If you’re thinking about going for Eyelash Extensions, you NEED to make sure you find a proper professional to apply them. Too often do we see people with Eyelash Extensions which look clumpy and just screaming for a redo. Yet because they haven’t been properly applied, removal causes an excessive number of precious real eyelashes to fall out, leaving you looking even worse.


Which One is Right for Me?


This really depends on what type of ‘look’ you’re going for and what type of lashes you already have. If you have naturally very short lashes, the Eyelash Extension is a great option. It’s also perfect for those looking to achieve that ‘dramatic’ lash effect. Currently, we’re offering a full set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions, along with an eyebrow shape and tint (to make them look even better) for just £120 (normally £150).


If, on the other hand, you want something which looks a bit more natural, then the Lash Lift is probably going to suit you much better. Making your lashes look fuller and longer. Just need to make sure that they aren’t too short to begin with.


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