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8 tips for Healthy and Strong Nails

Posted on September 24, 2018 || Tags: , ,

Some people seem to have the kind of nails that just grow and grow. They never have snags or breakages. They have lovely long tips and clear, pretty nails. Unless you’re dealing with a Disney princess, you’re probably looking at someone that takes steps to have healthy hands. What are they doing, and can you do it too? Here are 8 top tips to mirror that healthy and strong look. (Spoiler: they are all to do with the right treatments, quality products, a careful diet and good habits).

1. Look after your cuticles. Here’s job number one. You want to apply a nourishing oil with almond, shea or similar whenever you’re painting or manicuring. Never cut your cuticles – it leaves your nail base open to bacteria and painful infection. We can offer cuticle treatments with any hand and nail treatment at West One MYB, whether you need fill care or a pushback.

2. Use shellac treatments as a treat! There are lots of lovely ways to make sure your nails look perfect – gel isn’t the only one! A base coat and a top coat will keep your polish in place for days. Use gel when you need the tougher, long-lasting finish for a specific occasion (and remove it properly). Go “naked” every so often – applying strong colour polishes all the time can weaken and dry out nails.

3. Wear gloves… always! Gardening, painting, washing up – get your gloves on! Your nails seriously don’t need a dose of the chemicals or dirt you are dealing with there. Cold weather – invest in a lovely leather pair that you’ll be happy to wear whenever there’s a nip in the air. Cold hands mean dry hands!

4. Boost nail-strengthening Keratin in your diet. Because Keratin is a protein, you want to eat lots of beans, fish and nuts for a protein boost. Biotin, vitamin E and fish oil vitamins and supplements may help too. Try it and see what works for you.

5. Moisturise your hands at night. Almond and avocado oils are especially good, but any rich moisturising hand cream will help. Not only will the product nourish your nails and hands, but the massage will stimulate blood flow around the area.

6. Choose your products carefully. In nailcare, as in food, you want to avoid anything you can’t pronounce! Avoid nail varnish with toxic chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene, as these toxins can contribute to brittleness, splitting, and cracking.

7. Call in the professionals. Those little extras like a paraffin wax treatment can work wonders, even once in a while. Professional salons have carefully chosen every product they use in your manicures and pedicures: from oils to buffers, base coat to shellac polish. We have a range of options if you want a shellac treatment, including an all-out luxury manicure and pedicure that can’t be beaten if you’re looking for both a fantastic finish and a real treat!

8. Keep it short. It’s not an old wives’ tale that you need to trim your hair to help it grow. It’s the same with nails! Trim them every couple of weeks and file regularly in between and see the difference for yourself. You can let them grow longer as they become less brittle.

As with anything else, good nail health takes a bit of work. There’s a lot you can do for yourself, at home. Take a supplement; get plenty of protein; use good quality polishes; moisturise every day. It isn’t too difficult to give yourself a boost when it comes to nail health and strength. Then when you need us, we are here for the professional treatments – giving you beautiful nails to feel proud about!