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6 Beauty resolutions to make in 2019

Posted on December 27, 2018 || Tags: , , ,

Most New Year’s resolutions provide the opposite of what you want: they demotivate you. They make you feel like a failure by the time you’re two weeks into the year! What if your resolutions weren’t about punishing yourself? What if you chose something that was about looking after yourself, and having a treat? Why shouldn’t New Year’s resolutions be fun?

Here at West One MYB, we are determined to look after your body and mind – and make you feel better! Here are our 6 easy resolutions for a shiny new you in 2019.

1. Quit at-home waxing kits for good

If you have ever tried at an-home bikini wax, you’ll know already it’s a bad idea. Sure, you can get the job done in the privacy of your own home, but are you really getting a good result? If your at-home waxing attempts are leaving you with ingrown hairs, irritated skin or sensitivity then head to your local salon for a proper hair removal service.  Your therapist will listen to your skin conditions and will treat you appropriately. You’re guaranteed a smooth result that will leave you feeling great.

2. Look after my nails

Beautiful nails give you a boost every time you look at your hands. It isn’t difficult to achieve. Make sure you get plenty of Keratin in your diet through beans, fish and nuts. Keep your gloves on outside, throughout the winter. Keep your nails short. Moisturise every night. Nothing too strenuous there, is there? Then visit us for a pampering hand and nail treatment – using our CND Shellac products if you’re looking for something longer-lasting.

3. Leave UV exposure in the past (Spray tanning)

Nothing ages the skin faster than sun exposure. Of course, in the winter you don’t have much of a problem – especially in London! But if you’re planning a winter break, make sure you take a high SPF sunblock with you so that you don’t suffer the premature aging that comes with sun damage. It’s a resolution you can carry throughout the year: you don’t have to cover up, but you do need to protect yourself. To make your skin glow use a treatment like  a spray tan, done at the salon to achieve a fantastic, natural sun-kissed look.

4. Give my skin a deep cleansing experience

The Christmas and New Year season is packed with opportunities for your skin to suffer. Layers of makeup, late nights, alcohol and outdoor activities all add to the environmental damage your skin can experience. Microdermabrasion treatment uses gentle abrasion and suction to remove the outer layer of dead skin. Your skin becomes smoother and refreshed, and you can reverse the signs of aging that may have occurred. Give yourself a course of the treatment, alongside facials and skin masks, and people will be wondering what you are doing to look so radiant.

5. Deal with my problem skin

Sometimes, the condition of your skin can really get you down. A targeted facial with an expert can change the way you feel about yourself. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and even once a month can be a great way to concentrate on getting that perfect skin you want within the next year. There are a whole range of facial treatments on offer, including Environ, Karin Herzog and Dermalogica. You can have a specific treatment, or something general to boost your overall complexion.

6. Take time for myself

Why not put your wellbeing top of your priorities list in 2019? Get yourself booked in for a relaxing, aromatherapy or deep tissue massage in January. Then book one for the next month! You’ll soon notice the difference in your stress levels. If you have skin issues on your back, book one of our amazing detoxifying “backcial” treatments.

Take care of your mind and body in 2019 with our six great resolutions, which will leave anyone feeling ready to face the world – and confident in your beautiful skin. Wishing all our customers a very Happy and Healthy New Year!